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What would you do if you were Dwight?

刊登日期: 2019.03.15
作者: Auntie Isa  

Dwight is a devoted(虔誠)Catholic. Lent(四旬期)means a lot to him. During the 40 days before Easter, he usually observes abstinence(克己)to repay(報答). Jesus for His suffering. As a sacrifice, he prefers to start with his eating habit since he is such a food lover. One Lent, he decided not to take any food or drinks in between meals. Another Lent, he stayed away from all snacks and candies; having a sweet tooth, this is really not easy for him. This year he responses to Our Lady’s invitation to have only bread and water on both Wednesday and Friday. Dwight did some research on the rationale(依據)behind this fasting idea. Wednesday is for the remembrance(紀念)of Christ's betrayal(出賣)while Friday, remembrance of His Crucifixion. Dwight has deep affection(情)for this act(行為). 

Yet, fasting on two days in a week has been quite obvious(太明顯)because Dwight is going out for lunch with classmates. He has been asked numerous(無數)times about his bread and water diet. Oh dear, this is only the second week of Lent. On one hand, the Bible teaches that there is no need to tell anyone when one is doing good, otherwise it will be like the hypocritical(偽善)manner of the Pharisees(法利賽人). On the other hand, Dwight doesn’t want to lie about his act. 

What would you do if you were Dwight? 
  • I’d tell my friends why I would fast on Wednesday and Friday humbly, not trying to show off. If they like the idea, they could join me as well. If they could not share my feeling and find me funny, I’d ignore whatever they say and keep it my way. God would be glad if I insist even if my peers laugh at me. 
  • I’d tell them because of Lent, I would not go out for lunch with friends. I could prepare my own bread and water at home and leave some time for prayers instead of going out. This could be easier for my friends to comprehend(理解) .This way I would not have to explain anything to do with fasting as that might frighten people away from being Catholics. 

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