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What would you do if you were Mimi?

刊登日期: 2019.03.08
作者: Auntie Isa  

Uncle Charlie was visiting Mimi’s family and would stay for dinner. That uncle is the eldest brother of Mimi’s mother. He is much older and his health is deteriorating(變差) as he aged. Like many in his age group, he suffers from a weak heart and high blood pressure(高血壓). Lately (最近)he was even diagnosed with(驗出)diabetes (糖尿病). Everyone is concerned(關注)about his health except himself. 

Mimi came home that evening excitedly with a cream cake baked at school during Home Economics(家政班). She was most thrilled and could not wait to show her colourful creamy layered(一層層)cake to everyone. Uncle Charlie is always fond of his niece, he could not wait to taste Mimi’s cake. Yet taking anything sweet would worsen his sickness. Immediately he was stopped by Mimi’s parents. They started to have disagreements, then they went on arguing heatedly(激烈地). He explained that with his medication(藥物治療), his diabetes level was well in control. Mimi’s parents blamed him for not caring enough for himself. They quarreled so much that it did not stop throughout the whole dinner. 

What would you do if you were Mimi? 
  • To stop the argument immediately for a peaceful dinner, I would lie to my uncle that I would have a better usage (用途)with the cake and no one were allowed to touch that. Hopefully the topic would be dropped. 

  • I’d suggest that Uncle Charlie should try a teeny-tiny(極細小)bite just to savour(品嚐) the taste and texture(口感). I would share more health related articles with my uncle from time to time so he could understand the importance of healthy eating. When alone with my parents, I’d praise them f o r t h e i r care towards Uncle but the education would take some time. 

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