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What would you do if you were Paul?

刊登日期: 2019.03.01
作者: Auntie Isa  

Last Friday was Teachers’ Development Day, there was no school. Paul made use of the long weekend to visit his grandma who lives by herself in Cheung Chau. The two planned to take it relaxingly and dine out at different outlets. There are some small but gimmicky(有噱頭) food stalls which earn a reputation(有名氣). 

All went well until Saturday afternoon. Paul was a couch potato(沙發裡看電視的人)in front of the television while Grannie enjoyed her peanuts, also watching the same Korean anime(韓國動漫). All of a sudden, a loud explosion(爆炸聲)came from the kitchen. Both raced(衝去)to see what happened. Oh no, water was rushing out(沖出)from the pipe(水渠)underneath the sink! The water was so rapid(湍急)that Paul had to use his whole chest(胸膛)to cover the hole on the pipe. He shouted to Grannie to get his phone and call his father for help. It took quite a long time before a plumber(水喉師傅)appeared. The tiny flat was flooded and Grannie took Paul out to eat with her heart sunk(沒有心情), both wrapped in a big towel. 

 What would you do if you were Paul? 
  • If the flat were all flooded, I would take my grandma back to my place and let my parents fix the issue. If she refused to go with me, I’d still leave as she would have one less thing on her mind to worry about. Not causing any trouble would be the best I would offer. 

  • I’d not let my spirit sink with hers. I’d console(安慰)my grandma that it was just a perfect timing the accident happened while I were around. I’d invite her to thank God with me in a short prayer and then listen to her preferences in following up with the issue. I would comply(順從). 

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