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What would you do if you were Michelle?

刊登日期: 2019.02.22
作者: Auntie Isa  

Michelle was with her parents attending Sunday mass. While her father was about to leave the house, her mother suggested to hang the laundry(已洗的衣物)that was done earlier in the morning. Her father tried to convince her to wait till Mass was over. He preferred arriving church a little earlier to better prepare his mind to be with God. Her mother insisted it would take her just a couple of minutes, otherwise, the clothes would be spoiled with a foul smell(臭味)if they were not taken out of the washing machine immediately, and, waiting over an hour meant having to redo the whole load(缸)of laundry again. They had a heated discussion, luckily for a short while only. 

As Dad expected, they were late for Mass even though the church is so close to where they live. No transportation is needed, still, he knew when Mom said “a few minutes”, it usually takes much longer than that. By the time they stepped inside the church, the priest was sharing the homily(講道) already. All the pews(教堂長椅) were occupied except the first one before the altar. Without much thinking, Michelle’s mother walked straight up but her father held her by the arm. He felt it was too loud(礙眼)to walk up front for they were really too late. He dragged(硬拉)her to the very back and stood among the late comers. 

Michelle’s mother pulled a long face (面露不悅),then her father stood with his back facing his wife. When it was time for the Sign of Peace(互祝平安),they even ignored(不理會) each other. 

What would you do if you were Michelle? 
  • To show my disapproval(不贊成), I would stand farther away from my parents if they were having a fight during Mass. What a ridiculous act(荒謬的行為). 

  • I would shake their hands to wish them peace and whisper to them that Jesus would be very sad with their unloving behaviour. I would do it as politely as I could with a gentle smile in order to calm their emotion. 

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