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What would you do if you were Josephine?

刊登日期: 2019.02.15
作者: Auntie Isa  

The school is running a “Go Green” campaign which is a competition for students of different grades to grow their own pots on the rooftop. Growing plants take a long time and this competition lasts for a whole three months. It is on a voluntary basis(自願性), those who participated do have deep affection(熱愛)for planting(種植). 

Josephine wanted to show her two classmates how her potted strawberry(草莓盆栽)is growing. The three of them sneaked(溜)up with their lunches to the rooftop in which no food is allowed. They had a lot of fun and laughter walking through the narrow aisles(通道) between different potted plants. Some are lush(茂盛), some withering(乾枯), some are of rare species(罕見的品種)that amazed the girls. Accidentally Josephine spilt her whole box of borscht(羅宋湯)onto Bong Tai’s plant. She well knew Bong Tai has put in high enthusiasm(很投入)in this competition like herself. Yet, it would be so embarrassing to tell him about the accident. Would he believe it was purely an accident without malignance(惡意)? The sun would dry up the soup anyhow. 

What would you do if you were Josephine? 
  • I’d not mention about what happened because it was not only one bad thing we committed but two. First, it was trespassing(擅自進入), I would not expose(披露)my other two classmates who were with me. Secondly, I might be mistaken by Bong Tai. Plants have magic; if the plant I spilt soup on fade away(死), with a lot of care, it could be thriving(茁壯成長)again. Accidents happen all the time. 

  • I’d tell and apologize so I would not feel guilty anymore. I’d also think of a remedy(補救方法)to convince Bong Tai that I had no bad intention. I would offer to help him repot(移花盆種植) his plant. If he wanted, I would be willing to quit(退出)the competition. 


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