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What would you do if you were Keith?

刊登日期: 2019.01.25
作者: Auntie Isa  

Keith is eagerly awaiting(期盼) his Taiwan trip with his family over the Chinese New Year holiday. He is counting the days and keeps thinking of the places to be visited and the food to be sampled(品嚐). He is particularly excited about this trip because it is the first time that his parents let him plan the whole itinerary(行程), and he has been working on this task most enthusiastically(津津有味地). 

Keith is a trustworthy(可信賴) teenager. He is well liked by teachers and classmates. Many want t o be i n K e i t h ’ s team whenever a class is divided into smaller groups. With Keith, everyone can rest assured(放心)that any tasks will be handed in on time(準時)and with high quality(有質素). Yet, something most unexpected happened. Just yesterday a big project was assigned(分給)by the Geography teacher and it is due right after the holiday. All teams need to take at least one field trip, or even more, to do a survey on rocks. Obviously the students must meet up during the break, but Keith will not be available. He has planned a long trip this time and it will be far too late if his teammates wait for him to join the field trip. There are some grouches(抱怨) from the team as Keith is the project leader. Keith is feeling so bad and hopes to keep his reputation(面子). Everything has been booked by now, air tickets and hotel accommodation. There seems to be no leeway(退路).  

What would you do if you were Keith? 
  • I’d resign from the post of project leader and have someone else lead the team to the field trip and the project. I’d do whatever would be assigned to me. I couldn’t always help if unexpected issues(突然其來的事)pop up even if I had been a trustworthy person. I’d explain my difficulty and let my teammates blame me if they still wanted to do so. 

  • I could still lead the team even if I were not physically here. I’d assign different roles to different members, and one to coordinate the field trip. I’d first prepare a list of questions for them to fill in during or after the trip. The data(數據)could be sent to me through Whatsapp for my compilation (編譯)in Taiwan. This way, things would get done. 

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