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What would you do if you were Molly?

刊登日期: 2019.01.18
作者: Auntie Isa  

What would you do if you were Molly? 

In order not to upset my mother, I’d put it on and take some silly photos at home and then pretend to be sick in the Chinese New Year holiday. This way, I c o u l d p l e a s e e v e r y o n e w i t h o u t embarrassing myself too much. The red packets(紅包)would be collected by my parents for me. All I would be missing out would be not seeing my relatives and family friends. 

If there are still three weeks to go, I’d say yes to the cassock and see how to accompany(配襯)it with inexpensive (不昂貴)accessories(首飾物)or a pair of matching(襯色)legging pants (襪褲), so there would be a taste of the New Year fashion but keeping my sense of trendiness(時髦). Foreign top designers always do such mix-and-match(配搭). My mother should be proud to present us to our relatives and friends in such a manner(方式). 

Molly has a pair of twin siblings, a brother and a sister, who are ten years younger than her. She has always been a caring elder sister and she has the heart of easing off(減輕)her mom’s workload, since there are four old family members for her mom to handle. Molly is indeed a filial(孝順)daughter. Her mother, of course, knows about that and is very pleased(感激). She always tries very hard to show others that the three of her kids get along well despite(儘管)the age gap(年距). 

The Chinese New Year is still three weeks away, yet Molly’s mother is already busy preparing for a big celebration. This year, she has a new idea which makes Molly quite embarrassed(尷尬). She bought three identical(一模一樣)cotton padded cassocks(棉衲長袍)for Molly and the twins. Well, for young kids, that type of clothing really fits the festival and the twin shouted out with joy. For a teenager, honestly, it may be a bit overdone(誇張). Molly is now in a very difficult situation. Wearing that, she feels so lack of confidence that she’d rather not be seen by anyone, but it is a tradition that the whole family pays a New Year call (拜年)to relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year. Not wearing that, Mom would be so upset because three pieces are bought and dry cleaned(乾洗). Returning any one piece is not possible.  

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