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What would you do if you were Martin?

刊登日期: 2019.01.11
作者: Auntie Isa  

Martin saved up for a long time to get his new pair of sneakers(運動鞋), but he never got enough, no matter how hard he tried to cut down expenditure (支出). Eventually Christmas came and his parents chipped in(共同出錢)some money as Christmas present so Martin’s wish could come true earlier. That model actually came in two colours. Martin liked both and had a hard time deciding between red and black. He chose black as black never shows when it is dirty, the best concealing(遮瑕)colour always. Since then, Martin has been wearing his beloved Christmas present day in day out(每天)feeling the pride and joy with the latest(最新)model on his feet. 

Last weekend when he passed through a street full of sportswear in Jordon, he could not believe his eyes. A shop with big banners (旗幟)indicating(標示)it’s moving(搬遷). He was not sure if that was true, as many shops do that every now and then(久不久). But it was true that his beloved sneaker model has been discounted by over fifty percent! He was thinking of getting the red pair too. Immediately his brain span out thousands of rationales(理據)to justify(合理化)his desire(意欲). For instance(例如), if there is a great bargain(便宜貨), one should not miss(錯過)the chance; a good replacement when the current pair became worn out(穿破); there would be no need for new shoes for a long, long time; wearing both red and black on alternate days would make everyone admire him⋯⋯the list went on and on. Yet, Christmas just passed weeks ago, and Chinese New Year has yet another few weeks to come. The discount offer might be gone anytime. 

What would you do if you were Martin? 
  • I’d not tell my parents about my desire of getting another pair of sneakers for they’d probably not understand my need and want. I’d ask my parents to advance(預支)my red packet(紅包)money and seek for their trust in me as a mature teenager. 

  • I’d share with my parents about the bargain and explain why I think it would be sensible (明智)to get another pair. I’d talk them into agreeing with me first. Getting home another pair without their consent(同意)might arouse(引起)misunderstanding. 

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