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What would you do if you were Lester ?

刊登日期: 2019.01.04
作者: Auntie Isa  

Lester is the class prefect and he takes pride in that role. Along with serving teachers and classmates, he builds confidence in himself. This is the first year ever Lester has been selected. The class teacher particularly picked Lester because of his reserved personality(含蓄性格). Last school term went by smoothly, Lester received some praises(讚賞) from different teachers. 

The second school term started with a big chaos(混亂). The whole pile of Mathematics workbooks for the class disappeared. The Maths teacher had told the class that he would have the workbooks marked(改簿)and they must be collected before the Christmas holiday. Obviously(很明顯)this fell into the role (職責)of the class prefects, and there are two of them. Lester’s good partner, the other prefect, volunteered to collect the workbooks. He did go to look for the corrected workbooks but he never found them. All teachers have a practice that anything for students to be picked up will be on the multi-level long shelf right outside the Staff Room. He checked for a few days until it was the party day, still no sight of anything(什麼都看不見). He decided to wait till after the holiday and did not notify Lester. Without any students’ knowledge, the school went through some small renovations over the holiday. The pile of workbooks might have been trashed(丟棄). 

The Maths teacher was cross(生氣) with the situation, blaming the prefects for not doing a simple task right. Some students believe it was a hoax(惡作劇) from the prefects. The other prefect r e s i g n e d( 辭職)f r o m h i s p o s t immediately. Now, Lester is in a dilemma (窘境)of resigning or not. He does not think it is his fault at all, but no one knows how the duty was split(分) between the two class prefects.  

What would you do if you were Lester ? 
  • My past performance earned praises and that would have meant I had been a good prefect. If all the appreciation would be gone f o r j u s t a s m a l l misunderstanding, I would resign as well and I’d not bother to explain to teachers nor classmates. Who would reciprocate (報答)a prefect for all the help given? 
  • Being in the prefect’s role would give me a chance to help as well as to speak up. I’d explain to the Maths teacher and if he still believed I had not done enough, he could tell the class teacher to dismiss (解僱)my post(崗位). Otherwise, I’d not run away for such a little misunderstanding. 

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