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What would you do if you were Roy?

刊登日期: 2018.12.14
作者: Auntie Isa  

Roy has been waiting and waiting for the announcement of the school’s service trip. At long last it was announced. They will be going to a poor village in the Philippines for one whole week, teaching young kids to read. Roy was full of joy with this meaningful(有意義)trip. He frowned(皺眉頭)immediately when he saw the dates printed in the e-notice. Instead of having it during the Chinese New Year holiday, which has been a school tradition, it will take place during the Christmas holiday this year. 

Roy, on one hand, is very much looking forward to participating, but on the other, he is worried that he will have no chance to attend the Christmas Mass. His family takes him to Midnight Mass every year, which is a highlight of the festival. Since most of the students are non-Catholics, even the three teachers in-charge, he is afraid to ask. He read a few times the itinerary(日程表)given, there is just no mention of Mass on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The priest at his parish reiterates (重申)that attending the Christmas Mass is the minimum(最低限度)one should do for Jesus. What a vexing(傷腦筋的)situation! 

What would you do if you were Roy? 
  • I’d believe Jesus would understand my situation and would not mind if I skip Christmas Mass for just one time. If I were in Hong Kong, I’d sure attend one, but I’d be overseas, things would not be in my control and I should not feel guilty(內疚) at all. I’d tell my parents about having to miss the Mass and I’d do a confession (告解)before leaving Hong Kong. It’d not be a big deal. 

  • I’d subtly(低調地)let one of the teachers know about my need, perhaps there were other students who were in the same situation, then we could form a small group and all could attend Christmas Mass. If nothing could be done, at least I’d tried voicing out. On top of my service trip, I would think of something as a sacrifice which would please Jesus, e.g. being extra helpful during the trip; be nice to schoolmates I really dislike; absolutely no gossiping…  

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