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What would you do if you were Janet?

刊登日期: 2018.12.07
作者: Auntie Isa  

Janet, Danielle and Jason are members of the Legion of Mary(聖母軍)and they are in the same class as well. The three of them volunteered(自願服務) to decorate the bulletin board in the classroom for the upcoming annual interclass bulletin board competition. Since it is the season of Advent(將臨期- 聖誕前四星期), they decided to make something spiritual(有關宗教). They believe sharing with classmates about the true meaning of Christmas is very important since most of them are not Catholics. They used beautiful bold calligraphy(書法)to list out a few ideas for getting prepared during Advent. Sadly, that did not please(使滿意)the classmates at all. They received many suggestions to beautify(美化) the board. Ideas l i k e adding i n gingerbread men(薑餅人), snowmen, characters from The Nutcracker(胡桃夾子), toy trains, Christmas trees…, the list was endless. Everyone wants to make sure the bulletin board will be at its best. Danielle and Jason are more lax(冇所謂) with the original idea, but Janet is very rigid(死板). She keeps on reiterating(重申) the reason for doing the board. Now, with peer pressure from the opposing voices (反對聲音), the progress of the bulletin board decoration is on hold(暫停).  

What would you do if you were Janet? 
  • I’d insist my idea would do good for everyone. It’d be totally fine if my classmates fire(革職)me and appoint (委派)someone else to do the board. Otherwise, if I were in charge, I would not have to listen to opinions(意見) that I could not agree.

  • I’d try to keep a balance of the message I wanted to share but I could change the design delivery(設計手法). The background could be more secular(非宗教的)to give non-Christians(非基督徒)a festive feel, but I’d still keep the key message which would be most important. I’d make sure no one is unhappy because of my good deed(行為), especially my two comrades(戰友). 

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