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What would you do if you were Sylvester?

刊登日期: 2018.11.30
作者: Auntie Isa  

Sylvester is only good at his academics (學業), playing sports is never his strength. Most of his classmates get very excited when it is P.E., which is always a double-lesson. Why? Firstly, they can get out of the classroom to stretch(伸展)a bit. Secondly, no books are needed for P.E., so there’s nothing to study for.

In the summer, there are swimming lessons in a nearby government sports ground. In the winter, students stay on the school campus for different ball games and physical training. Not being outstanding at all during P.E., Sylvester participates in everything with a positive attitude(積極態度). He tries hard to be a bona fide(真誠的) student.

This year, the Annual Swimming Gala is held a few weeks later than usual. The school explained that because of some unexpected(突如其來的) maintenance work(維修)at the pool, they have to locate (找) another venue(場地) for the event. The House Captain(學社隊長) enrolled(登記) two events for Sylvester. Even if one comes last in a competition, there will still be one point counted for participation. Sylvester is most willing to do so. He has a great passion(熱情) for his house and he sincerely(由衷地) wants to contribute(貢獻) something, even coming last in a competition.

It’s just a couple of days before the Swimming Gala, Sylvester came down with a cold(感冒了). He keeps sneezing(噴嚏) and has a runny nose(流鼻水). His mother forbids (不允許) him to swim for his house because she is more concerned if he loses his voice, he cannot do well in the Speech Festival. Sylvester does not want to back out(退出). 

What would you do if you were Sylvester?

  • I’d not argue with my mother as likelihood (可能性)of winning over her is so low. I’d ask a friend to help me bring my swim trunks and a towel to the venue, and I’d lie to my mother that I would listen to whatever she wanted me to do.

  • I’d honestly tell my mother how important my participation would be to the house, and to me too. I needed to keep my promise(承 諾). I’d also ensure(保證) her how I would take care of myself so I would not get any worse. She might still be worried but I’d prefer not lying to her. 


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