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What would you do if you were Sherman?

刊登日期: 2018.11.23
作者: Auntie Isa  

Sherman is the only child at home. She has a very affectionate(親切)family. Mom and Dad love her dearly and she is the apple of their eye(掌上明珠). Most of the time Sherman is taken care of by the domestic helper as her parents have long hours at work. The helper does all the housework(家 務). Recently, Sherman is interested in cooking and requested the helper to teach her. In a very short time, Sherman has improved a lot. She starts cooking on Sunday when the helper is on holiday instead of dining out(出外用膳). Dad and Mom enjoy their daughter’s dishes so very much. Cooking becomes a joy to Sherman. Last week was Sherman’s birthday. Mom and Dad thought of a creative (有創意)idea to surprise her . Despite(儘管)their tight schedule(緊密日程), they managed(能夠安排) to take half day off from work and asked the helper to bring them to the market to get the ingredients(材料) needed. They spent the whole afternoon preparing, making a big mess(弄得凌亂)in the kitchen. They really wanted to cook something with their own hands as a big present to their birthday daughter.

The intention(意向)was good, but the dishes prepared were unpalatable (難吃). Mom and Dad were eagerly pushing(催促)Sherman to have more. They kept putting food on her bowl of rice. At the same time, they also kept asking ardently(熱切地) how the food was. If Sherman told them she did not like the food, her parents would be disappointed. If she praised(讚)the food, the poor girl would have to take more. She did not want to swallow(吞嚥)down anymore.

What would you do if you were Sherman?

  • To appreciate and not hurt my parents’ feelings, I’d just gulp(大口吞下)down whatever they serve me, not really tasting the food. Then I’d pretend(扮)I had a stomach ache and rush to the washroom. Put the blame not on the taste but on the cleanliness(潔淨), so that they’d never cook for me again.

  • The fun of cooking is that all food can be remedied(糾正) by cooking it again by using some cooking tricks. With my limited knowledge(有限的認知)in cooking, I’d tell them what had gone wrong. I’d ask the helper to give some ideas and invite my parents to cook the dishes all over again, but with me as well. This way we could enjoy a great family time in the kitchen, hurting no one’s feelings. 

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