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What would you do if you were Itzel?

刊登日期: 2018.11.09
作者: Auntie Isa  

At long last the hot summer is gone and the feel of autumn is here, just the weather Itzel loves best. However, this created a big fight between Itzel and her mother. 

Mrs. Cheung, Itzel’s mother, is very devoted to her family. She is dedicated(專心致志)and caring(為人著想). At times, her heedfulness(關注)worsened the relationship with her daughter. Just yesterday, the temperature dropped by a few degrees, Mom was over worried that her girl might catch cold (著涼). She insisted(堅持)that Itzel should put on the school cardigan(開襟毛衣)before leaving the house. Itzel thought that was totally unnecessary. First, she was not feeling a bit cold. Secondly, she is the sports house captain at school. How would others see her wrapped in wool when it was not even cold? It would spoil(毀掉)her athletic(健壯的)image badly. She tried to explain her rationale(邏輯), but it was quite late and it did not seem her mother could see things from her standpoint(觀點). So in a rush, Itzel screamed “No way!” and slammed(砰的一聲關上)the door behind her, not wanting to see her mother’s expression. She dashed(衝)to the MTR station feeling terrible(感覺糟透).


  • One needs to understand his own needs. If I were not cold and bringing a cardigan would be too bulky(笨重), I surely would not do so whether my mother agreed or not. As a teenager, I’d tell my mother to have trust in her children, and learn to let them make mistakes. 

  • If my mother could not understand my need from my angle (角度), I’d just put on the cardigan and take it off when Mother is out of sight(看不見). This would be an act of filial duty(孝心). If I were questioned by schoolmates about the unnecessary clothing, I’d honestly say that it would give my mother peace at heart. Stupid as it might seem, I’d do little things to make people happy. 

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