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What would you do if you were Bert?

刊登日期: 2018.10.26
作者: Auntie Isa  

If you were in this difficult situation, you would probably......

Enoch and Bert are in the same table tennis team, they are preparing for a match to come. They are high in spirit (興致勃勃)and practise at school whenever they can. A little misunderstanding(誤會)took place yesterday and they have not been talking to each other for many hours now.

Bert sent out a text(短訊)to Enoch in Whatsapp that he could meet up at lunch the next day. Enoch confirmed by texting(發短訊)back. There was something Enoch had to arrange. First, he re-packed his bag for he had PE class the next day, and he needed to bring extra clothing(服裝)for table tennis practice. Then he went to his mom and asked for a packed lunch as he would not have time to go out and buy food. He even asked for a double portion(雙倍份量)so that he could split(分)half for Bert, knowing his friend always skips meals. It was quite bulky(笨重)to bring everything to school, but he did it with delight. (喜悅)

The next day Bert was asked to stay in the laboratory with the whole class, the Chemistry teacher needed extra time to go over an upcoming test. Cell phones were all locked up and Bert had no chance to communicate with Enoch. He was anxious to leave but he could not. He asked to be excused(離開一下)for the toilet, the teacher rejected. Poor Enoch waited and waited. Half an hour passed when Bert ran over panting(氣喘). Enoch did not talk to Bert and left, not even returning his Whatsapp messages.

  • I’d text him and explain what happened. I could just be a victim(受害者)too. If he insisted to be angry with me, we just could not enter a competition if we could not share any tacit understanding(默契).
  • I believe there must be a good reason for his infuriating(大怒)behaviour , I must give him time to let the anger die away(逐漸消失). Meanwhile I could only send my apologetic(歉意的) texts and pray for him. 

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