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What would you do if you were Rodney ?

刊登日期: 2018.10.12
作者: Auntie Isa  

Rodney’s family is receiving(接待) Uncle Kwok Man at their place as a house guest. This uncle is brother of Rodney’s dad and is twelve years older. He lives in Taiwan and is now visiting Hong Kong, sharing Rodney’s room. Things have been super fine. Uncle Kwok Man is extremely(非常)friendly. They share a lot of different topics after dinner. Only that something went very differently on the day of 10th October. Rodney came home that after school, it was a Wednesday. He could not even recognize(認出)his own room because big Taiwanese flags(旗) were hoisted(吊起)all over. Uncle was singing something like a national anthem(國歌)on the top of his voice (以最大的嗓音)with music blasting(轟著)from the stereo (立體音響裝置). Mom told Rodney to leave his uncle alone that day. Rodney simply had no idea what was going on. The scene lasted quite a few hours(好 幾小時).

Over dinner, Rodney inquired(問) about Uncle’s behaviour, and Uncle Kwok Man explained the “Double Ten Day”(雙十節)being the Taiwan National Day. He further shared his passion(情懷)about his country. Yet, as he went along(說下去), he blamed (責怪)Rodney’s dad for not passing on their Taiwanese root to Rodney. Instantly, Rodney discovered that his dad has his origin from(原籍)Taiwan. Uncle Kwok Man suggested that Rodney should study in Taiwan and spend some more time to understand his homeland(故鄉). 

What would you do if you were Rodney ?

  • I’d tell my uncle that I have no passion for a country in where my father came from. I’d only study in a place where I’d find most appropriate for the subject I’d choose, and that would have nothing to do with family ties (家庭關係).

  • I’d save all my queries(疑問) until my uncle has left so I could hear more from my parents. Not arguing does not mean agreeing. 


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