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What would you do if you were Annie?

刊登日期: 2018.10.05
作者: Auntie Isa  

Annie has always been weak in Mathematics but has a high English level. Her classmate Carlos is just the opposite, Math is never a challenge but he has difficulty in understanding the word problems(文字題). One day, their class teacher suggested that they should help each other out. At first they were shy because of their gender(性別). Later on, little by little, they feel more at ease and it becomes a daily routine(常規) that they each take a quick lunch and meet up in the library. They find this very effective in complementing(互補)eachother.

On the National Day Holiday last week, Annie and Carlos agreed to spend more time in preparing for the test week coming up soon. Since the school campus was closed, they went to the nearest public library. At the entrance before going in, they ran into(遇上)a few Carlos’ basketball teammates passing by. The boys insisted that they were on a date and kept joking at the two since then. It has been over a week now. Both Annie and Carlos feel embarrassed(尷尬). 

  • If I were not really dating Carlos, I would stop revising(溫習)with him in order to avoid further misunderstanding. It’d definitely affect my mood(情緒)to study if there were gossips(閒聊) about me. 
  • I’d continue to help Carlos and let him help me if our strengths can complement each other’s weakness. Gossips will disappear after some time and it would be important that we all keep calm, the more we react(反應), the more people would have to say. More, the whole idea was initiated(提議)by the class teacher. 

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