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What would you do if you were Titus?

刊登日期: 2018.09.21
作者: Auntie Isa  

Though the summer vacation first seemed (看似)never-ending to Titus, without really realizing it, school resumed(復課)last week. Everything is now back to normal except that the English teacher is still asking(索要)for his undone(未完成的)holiday assignment. 

It was a whole exercise book with 20 chapters which was supposed(應當)to be done bit by bit(逐少)in the holiday. English is never Titus’ cup of tea(喜歡的東西), so he just dragged(拖)to have it started. How can he ever finish this big task with all the daily homework to complete? 


Mason is in the same class with Titus, he is very business-minded(商業頭腦). He got hold of the teachers’ answer book to that particular summer assignment by some means(方法)which he will not tell (透露)for sure. Well before the end of last school term, he offered to some classmates that he could make copies(複製版)of the model answer(模擬答案)at a reasonable(合理╱能負擔)price. Titus was not at all(完全)interested back then because the idea sounded unethical(不道德). Paying someone for something forbidden(被禁)for students is so wrong. Worse, teachers can easily tell (看得出)in the composition part. Yet, Mason keeps reminding Titus of the deal this whole week and it is very tempting (吸引)to Titus now. 

What would you do if you were Titus?

  • I’d buy from Mason and make rough (粗略)alterations(改動)in the writing part, just make sure there are mistakes embedded(暗含)so the teacher can only suspect(質疑)me but cannot prove(證明)anything. 
  • I’d go tell the teacher that I have been escaping from doing the English homework and there is difficulty in understanding everything. I’d agree on a reasonable time frame so that I can have ample(充分) time to do it with heart instead of just scribbling(匆忙地寫)something meaningless(無意義). I’d expect a mark deduction(扣除)for my laziness, still it’d be better than wasting time to 

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