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What would you do if you were Bernard?

刊登日期: 2018.06.22
作者: Auntie Isa  

The Dragon Boat Festival was just celebrated on Monday. Bernard’s grandmother always keeps the practice(習慣)o f making her homemade zongzi, the glutinous rice dumplings (糯米粽). For health reasons, she has been forbidden(被禁止)to take(吃)any of those. Still, she enjoys preparing them because everyone praises her dumplings, the flavour is just unique(獨特). That makes Grandma really proud. 

The problem i s that Bernard’s grandma keeps making more and more, but her contact with friends is getting less and less. Some moved (搬走), some don’t stay in touch because of old age, some died. For years, the dumplings would be stocked(庫存)in the fridge for months. Bernard’s mom has been very fed up(煩厭)with the situation. This morning, she burst in anger and protested(抗議)all the leftovers would be trashed(拋掉)in two days. Grandma felt so depressed . 

What would you do if you were Bernard? 

  • I would trash all the dumplings and lie(說謊)to both my mother and grandmother. To my mother, I’d tell her that I had delivered (遞送)the dumplings to my grandmother’s friends. To my grandmother, I’d say I shared with my friends and nothing was wasted. This way, all parties concerned(有關人士) would be happy. 
  • I’d try my best to contact the social worker (社工)at school and ask for help. I’d need to locate(找出)some voluntary groups (志願團體)and see if they would benefit from the frozen(結冰)dumplings. It’d surely be troublesome to bring the food anywhere in this hot weather. I might even have to use my own money to buy a big insulation bag(保溫袋)and also spend on transportation. Yet, this could be a sacrifice(克己)for me to make my mother and grandmother happy, and no food would be wasted. 


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