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What would you do if you were Roselle ?

刊登日期: 2018.06.08
作者: Auntie Isa  

Last Monday was a confusing day for Roselle. During lunch time, she watched a debate led by the Student Council(學生會)at school. Even though the school seldom talks about political matters, the proposition (命題)of that day was “Should the Tiananmen Square protests be commemorated?”(應否悼念六四)This topic of course was not chosen by the school, but the school prefects have all the right to select those that are of interest to them. The Affirmative side(正方)tried their best to advocate (擁護)and uphold(支持)the resolution(決議). The Opposition(反方)also fiercely opposed(反對)and refuted(駁斥). All the points both sides mentioned made a lot of sense(合理). So happened that day was 4th June. She went home and brought the matter up during dinner to her grandparents and parents. The two generations each had very different thoughts, and they ended up arguing for the whole night. Roselle felt so bad and blamed herself for not having her own standpoint(立場). 

What would you do if you were Roselle ? 

  • I would tell the four auguring adults at home to form(組織)a debate team and have their points organized(組織), then set another day for a real debate at home. They should invite more relatives to join in or to observe. It would be quite a scene. 
  • There is absolutely no right and wrong in politics. If I were interested in any political topics, I must collect enough information from every party(當事人) involved, so as to stay unbiased(無偏見). I should not have any stance(立場)before being in everyone’s shoes (站在各人立場想一想). I’d also politely thank the arguing adults at home for sharing their thoughts and put a stop to the fight. Everyone has the right to think differently, and there is no need to convince(說服)anyone. 

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