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What would you do if you were Anita?

刊登日期: 2018.05.25
作者: Auntie Isa  

It was time for lunch and Anita was excited to go out for a quick one with her classmates. After a long morning with the most uninteresting subjects, everyone was eager(興奮)for a stretch(伸展). The restaurant they planned to go is teeny(極小的), it will be packed (滿)just minutes after the lunch break(午休時間) starts. 

Anita stopped by(順便去)the ladies room. To her surprise, the tap(水龍頭)was turned on and could not be turned off. The sink(洗手盆)was flooded(灌滿水). Water overflowed onto the floor, and the washroom was also flooded. No one paid any attention to it as everyone was in a hurry to grab a bite(吃東西). 

Anita quickly rushed out to inform the janitor(清潔員), but he did not think it was his job to take care of the tap. He told Anita to go up to the school office and let the clerk(書記)handle the matter. Anita knew it could take a long time to reach the clerk as she had to climb four flights of stairs(樓梯), and then line up a long queue (長隊)before she would be entertained(被理會).  

What would you do if you were Anita? 

  • If my friends were waiting for me, I should not make them wait, otherwise the restaurant would be full and it would be I who upset the whole dining idea. The school would know when the flooding reached the corridors(走廊), and the matter would be taken care of without my help. 

  • I would prefer to sacrifice(犧牲)my lunch time and notify(通知)the school office about the issue. If I waited for someone else to do so, then someone else could depend on someone else and the case would not be solved(解決)immediately. I would not want to see wastage(浪費)of water . Though we do not have droughts(旱災)in Hong Kong, still we should not be wasteful(浪費). 


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