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What would you do if you were Aaron?

刊登日期: 2018.05.18
作者: Auntie Isa  

Aaron attended an overnight camp last weekend. It was so much fun and he could not stop talking about it for days. He did not realize that he missed out Mother’s Day, he was simply too preoccupied(專注)getting ready for the camp whole last week. He kept thinking of the jokes shared among friends, the activities at night, the games, the tent and the food…his parents did enjoy listening to all these. Though Aaron’s mother did not say anything, his father hinted(提示)to him that Mom was actually looking forward to something on Mother’s Day, be it a phone call or a text message from the cell phone. Of course, nothing took place for Aaron totally forgot about that festival, despite the decorations(裝飾)in all the shopping malls and TV advertisements(電視廣告). Now, both Mom and Aaron are feeling down(憂悶)for this. 

What would you do if you were Aaron?
  • It was purely an honest mistake,(無心之失)it would be too awkward(尷尬)to bring it up(提及)again. I would let it sit for another week and hopefully my mother will forget about the matter, time heals all wounds(時間可治療). Maybe I could start thinking what to give to my mother for next Mother’s Day. 

  • Though the actual day has been missed, I would tell her that I wanted to make up(補償)for Mother’s Day and let her make a suggestion. Probably(很可能)she would say there would be no need to celebrate but she would appreciate my asking. I could offer to help with the dishes or make my own breakfast for a week, etc. I might not get her anything of monetary value(金額)but show my filial(孝心)respects through special acts(表現). Special thoughts(心思)do cheer people up(使高興) 


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