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What would you do if you were Adelina?

刊登日期: 2018.04.27
作者: Auntie Isa  

Adelina has always been proud of her smooth silky (柔軟光潔)hair which flows(飄垂)all the way to her waist (腰). She spends a lot of time brushing it daily, keeping it healthy. For many of her classmates who have hair touching just the shoulders, split ends (分叉髮梢)is a big issue quite commonly, so not everyone can grow hair to such an extreme length like hers. Adelina’s mom also takes pride in her daughter’s hair. She enjoys creating new hairdos(髮型)f o r Adelina. 

Lately Adelina’s father stopped driving her to school because he has been relocated to another work district. Without a ride from dad, it takes 45 minutes extra to commute(通勤) between home and school, therefore braiding(鬢辮)a head of long hair becomes a luxury(奢侈品)in the morning. Without much choice, Adelina simply coil (蜷縮)her hair into a bun (髮髻)so as to save time. She is not happy because her friends all agree that she now looks like a middle-aged woman. 

What would you do if you were Adelina?

 • I would persuade(說服)my dad to drive me back to school again so life could be back to normal, even if I have to sacrifice waking earlier than before to allow him to drive back in the opposite direction. If that could not work out due to traffic issue, I would seek help from another source(來源)── my mother. Since she used to take pride in my hair, she could still do so just by waking up earlier to fix it. This would not be a selfish act as I had to sacrifice my sleep time too. 

• Everyone loves to make oneself look the best in front of others. To give my hair a fresh look every now and then, I’d learn how to fix it from the internet videos. I’d keep practicing over the weekend and had it done in a short time, the more practice I had, the faster I’d get. Problem would be solved. I could start with the less complicated(複雜)styles first. 

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