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What woul d you do i f you were Jonas?

刊登日期: 2018.04.14
作者: Auntie Isa  

Unlike other boys, Jonas’ favourite subject at school is Cookery. He thinks that it is most useful and he enjoys not only the cooking part, but also the preparation work and time management as well. He always does the shopping for ingredients himself in a nearby supermarket, this gives him a sense of pride(自豪). Today he will be making omelettes(煎蛋捲 / 奄列), and the cooking class is the first two lessons of the day. He woke up excitedly to pack his ingredients which he prepared last night. To his wildest surprise(萬分意外), two eggs out of the four were gone(消失). Who could have taken them while he already told Grandma the eggs were for school? It was Mom. She came home late last night after Grandma slept, and she used two eggs as her facial mask(面膜). 

What woul d you do i f you were Jonas? 


  • I’d wake my mother up immediately and let her know what a chaos(大混亂)she created. There would be no time to make any remedy(補救). I ’ d need my mother’s permission(批准)to stay home and pretend to be sick, hand in an absence letter(請假信)the next day. I surely would not be blamed or laughed at. After all, it was totally not my fault. 

  • Stay calm(保持鎮定)and ask Mom to write a note(便條)to the teacher to explain the situation. It’d be wonderful if someone has spare(多餘的)ones, otherwise making a smaller omelette also works. I’d guarantee(擔保)an important message goes to everyone in the house in future, for example, I could have written a note on the eggs instead of depending (依靠)totally on Grandma. 

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