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What would you do if you were Frank?

刊登日期: 2018.04.07
作者: Auntie Isa  


Frank used to be a chocolate lover, but he is now very aware of healthy eating habits because for a whole term he has been learning the digestive system (消化系統)and the food pyramid (食物金字塔)in Liberal Studies(通識課). Also, he realizes that he is quite chubby(圓胖), so he has to be watchful(警惕)of his weight. 

The test week was just over. Frank’s dad wanted to reward him for working very hard and bought him a box of p r i cey(昂貴)candies . To h i s surprise, he did not see the excitement which he expected from his son. Frank noticed about his dad’s concern and did not know how to tell him about his weaning(戒掉 / 放棄)from unhealthy snacks. 

What would you do if you were Frank? 

  • I’d disclose to my dad that I am only taking in(進食)qual i ty food because of the “you are what you eat” concept(概念). I’d definitely not touch the chocolates given to me and would return to him so as not to waste them. I’d expect he would not get me any more food as a gift in future. 

  • I’d share with my dad about my new e a t i n g h a b i t a n d s e e k h i s consensus(同意). As for the pricey chocolates, I’d suggest to share with relatives next time we have a gathering, so my dad will get to taste some and I will just nibble (小口地咬)a little. 

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