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What would you do if you were Noel?

刊登日期: 2018.03.24
作者: Auntie Isa  

Noel was born on Christmas day, that was how she got her name. Her parents are not believers but they sent her to a Catholic school, mainly because of the reputation(名聲). Like her parents, Noel has no religion, but she enjoys going into the school chapel (小教堂)for a quiet time with God. Every time she kneels in front of the statue(雕像)of Jesus, she can feel Jesus in her heart. She told her parents once but they were not supportive(支持)at all. They always remind Noel that she is not mature(成熟)enough to have a religion now. They believe her feeling towards Jesus is merely(只是)affected by her peers(朋輩)at school. 

The Holy Week is around the corner(接近), Noel’s parents suggested going on a short trip during the holiday. This is totally against the will(意願)of Noel, she wants to rather attend the church activities from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday. To her, the highlight of Easter is to spend time with Jesus, yet, it will be so upsetting to say no to her parents.


What would you do i f you were Noel? 

  • If I do treasure accompanying(陪伴) Jesus during Easter, I’d refuse to go on a trip with my parents. God would understand my motive(動機)even if I’d hurt my parents’ feelings. Who doesn’t want to have a trip during the holiday? So not joining one would also be a self-sacrifice(自我犧牲)too. Moreover, my parents should get used to respecting my decision. 
  • If not joining the trip would upset my parents, I’d go. The fourth commandment is to love our parents, Jesus would be happy if I try to please(取悅)my parents. There are surely other ways to be with God even if I were out of town(外遊), such as not choosing my favourite food, not spending on shopping. If I could not go to church, I could still pray silently while travelling. God understands. 



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