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What would you do if you were Joshua?

刊登日期: 2018.03.10
作者: Auntie Isa  

“Put it right back!” mumbled(咕噥)Mom. 

“I’m taking it home!” grumbled(抱怨)Dad. 

Joshua was with his parents on a field trip to study the ecology(生態)of Lantau Island. They were at the waterfall of Mui Wo(梅窩). The guide briefed(講解)everyone attending the tour that nothing should be taken away to keep the balance of nature. Even a piece of leaf could be food for another creature, so we need to protect the food chain. Yet, Dad found that perfect pebble(石春)which was just the right size for his small aquarium(魚缸)at home, with a tint(淺色)of reddish colour. Mom believed taking the stone away was violating(違反)the rule of the trip which was clearly explained by the guide. Dad thought a stone was not a living thing and would not hurt anyone at all, and there were millions of stones on the island. Mom and Dad were in a big conflict(衝突). 

What would you do if you were Joshua? 

  • The best way of handling adult conflicts is not getting involved. I would pretend I heard nothing and wander(走開)off. It would be hard to support either stance(立場). The consequence(後果)could not be calculated(計算). 
  • Instead of supporting anyone’s stance in this situation, I would bring the matter to the guide and seek his advice. I would never be the judge of such an arguable(爭議性)topic and the best way would be listening to the expert(專家)who is so handily available. 

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