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What would you do if you were Lok Yee?

刊登日期: 2018.03.03
作者: Auntie Isa  


Lok Yee is five years ahead(在⋯⋯前面)of Lok Man. Their mother always thanks God for letting both her kids attend(上)the same school, a very compet i t ive Cathol ic school in the neighbourhood(附近). Lok Yee is a secondary school student and bringing her young brother to school is a routine(例行公事)that she enjoys. Lok Man is in P.3 and he looks up(敬仰)to his elder sister a lot. 

This morning, Mom called Lok Yee on the way to school, saying that Lok Man forgot to bring his dictation book, and requested Lok Yee to meet her at the school entrance during lunch. Lok Yee hesitated(猶豫)as it is now the Lent period (四旬期), she is supposed(應該)to be saying rosary over lunch. The principal(校長) encouraged(鼓勵)everyone to do so daily as a sacrifice(犧牲)to God. She did not know if she could be of help.

What would you do if you were Lok Yee? 

• If I promised myself that I would go to the rosary session(時段)over lunch during Lent, I’d try my best to keep my promise to God. My mother would understand me if she loved God too. Moreover, my b r o t h e r s h o u l d b e a r t h e consequence(後果)f o r not bringing his dictation book. 

Cutting down(縮短)my lunch time and say a rosary surely makes God happy. But if I want to keep this practice(做法)and refuse (拒絕)to help others out, God will n o t b e a s h a p p y. J e s u s emphasized(強調)that love comes before all other things, so I’d say yes to bringing the dictation book over to my brother and skip the rosary session for one time. I could always make up(補) another time to say a rosary out of the whole long day.  


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