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What would you do if you were Cissy?

刊登日期: 2018.02.10
作者: Auntie Isa  

Last night as Cissy overheard her parents discussing the itinerary(行程)for the Chinese New Year holiday, she got agitated(不安). It has been a ritual(慣例)for the whole family to visit all elderly relatives(年長的親戚)to pay their respects. Each day will be fully packed. In the past, Cissy seemed to enjoy going here and there with Mom and Dad, she enjoyed receiving “Lai Sees” and sampling(品嚐)different types of traditional(傳統)food. She is a food lover and she just likes snacks of all kinds, just to name a few of her Lunar New Year favourites── taro cakes(芋頭糕), t urnip cakes(蘿蔔糕), sesame cookies(笑口棗), sesame doughnuts (煎堆), crispy pastry dumplings(油角), rosettes(糖環), sweetened dried lotus(糖蓮藕), as well as all the candies and melon seeds(瓜子)in the candy tray (新年攢盒). The thought of food makes her drool(流口水). Strangely, this year Cissy just wants to stay away from seeing her relatives, despite the lure(誘惑力)of food. She starts to dislike repetitive(重複)questions about her age, her year of class, her activities⋯⋯she finds(認為) this very naïve(幼稚). Yet, if she refuses to go with her parents, they surely will be very upset. 

What would you do if you were Cissy? 

  • Instead of meeting my relatives with a sulky(繃著臉)face, I’d rather not join my parents to visit anyone. I should be entitled(有權利)to have my own privacy(清靜). 
  • I’d choose to go visit my relatives but would seek permission from my parents that I could use my mobile phone. This way, my relatives get to see me and I get to be in connection with my friends to reduce(減輕)the boredom(乏味). 

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