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What would you do if you were Ryan?

刊登日期: 2018.02.03
作者: Auntie Isa  

Ryan’s mother went to watch his basketball practice and she was surprised to see that everyone in the team was sharing the same bottle of water. She kept her mouth shut, not stopping this act(表現)until the practice was over, even though she believed it was the unhealthiest(最不衛生)thing to do. After the practice(排練), she explained to Ryan that sucking(吸啜)from the same bottle is one of the easiest ways to spread bacteria(細菌). She convinced(說服) him that he should only drink from his own bottle in future. Ryan agreed but at the same time he had a dilemma(窘境,兩難). He was afraid that his teammates would not accept him as much; sharing a bottle is actually an act(行為)of friendship —— only very close friends do so. 

What would you do if you were Ryan? 
  • I’d lie to my mother what she wished to hear and keep the same practice(習慣)of sharing the same bottle with my buddies (好朋友). The worst thing that would h a p p e n t o a t e e n a g e r i s l o s i n g companionship(友誼)or being excluded (排斥)from a party(團體). 
  • I’d try to share my mother’s viewpoint as the flu rage(流感肆虐)is all around and see how my friends react. If they agree with me, we all bring our own water then. If they think I would be a coward(膽小鬼), I would boldly(大膽地)accept what they think with a smile and insist on doing it the healthy way. I have no right(權利)to make others follow my way but I could always choose what is correct and follow my heart. If the friendship with my teammates would be jeopardized(危及), they would not be my true friends after all(畢竟). 


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