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What would you do if you were Cliff?

刊登日期: 2018.01.27
作者: Auntie Isa  

Cliff and Claudia are siblings(兄弟姊妹)of two years apart. They attend(參與)hip hop classes every Saturday afternoon. This past weekend the lesson was extended(延長)due to the rehearsal for a performance. They missed(錯過)the bus they usually take. Claudia was in a rush to get home so she could watch the final episode (大結局)of her favourite Korean programme. The only way was to take a cab(的士). Cli ff used up al l his allowance(零用錢)for the week already and did not want to spend on taxi fare(車錢). Claudia was in a rush and waved for a taxi without discussing the money matter with Cliff . The following Saturday, she asked Cliff to pay back the expense of the ride home. 

What would you do if you were Cliff? 

  • I’d surely refuse(拒絕)to pay back my sister because we never agreed to share the cost. It was not my need(需要), I could have waited for the next bus as I was not in a rush. Moreover(再者), I was so broke(極窮)on that day, even if she asked, I’d reject(拒絕)her. I assumed (假定)it was a free ride. If taking a cab was her only choice, she would have to do so with or without me. I would not even talk to her about the incident. 
  • I’d explain the misunderstanding(誤會). I’d suggest that she should have asked me immediately and not drag(拖延)the issue. That would give us a chance to discuss while the memory was still fresh (記憶猶新). If she insisted(堅持)that I had to share with her because she needed money, I would lend her the amount of the fare but she would need to return(還) that to me. In future, I’d take note that clarification(澄清)comes before (重要過)action. 

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