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What would you do if you were Paul?

刊登日期: 2018.01.20
作者: Auntie Isa  

Paul wants to share the gospel with Norman, his best friend at school, but he is just too shy(害羞)to do so. He does not know how Norman will react(反應). What if he does not accept anything religious(接受任何宗教有關的東西)? Will he keep a distance(保持距離)to be a good friend then? Many questions aroused(喚起)in Paul’s mind. 

Paul tries not to think about evangelizing(傳播福音) to Norman, yet there is an inner voice(內心的聲音) that keeps telling him to. From the mass homily(彌撒講道)to Religious Studies class, Paul has a strong feeling that he cannot escape what God wants him to do. One day during the RS class, the teacher was teaching Corinthians 9:16(哥林多前書9章16節), “….woe is to me, if I don’t preach the Good News. ” (我如果不傳福音,我就有禍了)This biblical line makes Paul disturbed(不安)for days. He simply has no clue(毫無頭緒)how to start the conversation. Paul starts to wonder(懷疑)if he is a good follower of Christ because he is ashamed(羞愧)to introduce his Lord to his very best friend. 


What would you do if you were Paul? 

  • I’d rather pray for my best friend that somehow someone will enlighten(啟迪)him. God for sure knows what my talents are. I f I find(認為)myself not an expert(介入)in verbal preaching(開口說教), I am sure God would not be upset with me for not speaking about Him. I would pray for Norman and leave him to God to handle. 

  • I’d pray before I think of what to say to Norman. I would be shy but not ashamed to speak about God. Though people of my age really do not speak of anything serious, I would still try and let God lead me. No matter how much Norman would accept, it would be to glorify God, not me. I would try. 


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