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What would you do if you were Marco?

刊登日期: 2018.01.06

Marco had a splendid(精彩的) Christmas holiday, but one thing that made him regret(後悔)was lying (說謊)to his teammates who worked on the same project. At school, the Liberal Studies通識科)teacher asked the students to form their own teams and each team was to research on a topic about old buildings in Hong Kong. Marco did not have the slightest(絲毫)interest i n the t o p i c . Also, he did not proactively(主動)look for any teammates and was still single(單一人)after everyone had a team formed. He was randomly(隨意) assigned(分派)to the group sitting closest to him by the teacher. Marco did not have any sense of belonging (歸屬感)at all.

D u r i n g  t h e  h o l i d a y, Marco’s team was to meet up a few times. Marco never showed up, he pretended to be very sick and used a husky(沙啞)voice to leave a message in the group chat. No one questioned(質問)him as they could see through(識破)h i s t r i c k . Actually he was out most of the time having fun with his other friends. He knew his teammates would cover(負責)the parts that he was supposed to do. By not showing up, he did not have to partake分擔)in any tasks related to the project.

School resumed(復課)a few days ago. To Marco’s surprise, h i s teammates did not put his name in the presentation folder. He will receive a zero mark for this term project and his average mark will severely(嚴重) be pulled down(拉低)

What would you do if you were Marco? 

  • I would insist that I was too sick during the holiday and had to be bedridden(臥床不起). I would even complain to the teacher that it would be unfair to punish someone who was sick. 

  • I would apologize to my teammates for not being able to get more involved during the holiday. I would then inform my teacher that I could have better communicated(溝通)with my teammates and entreat(懇求)for a chance to make up(補償)


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