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What would you do if you were Molly

刊登日期: 2017.12.23
作者: Auntie Isa  

Molly’s family has no religion (宗教信仰)at all, they respect all religious practices(實踐) anyhow. Molly studies in a Catholic school and has been exposed(受)to the Catholic faith for years. She enjoys going inside the little church on the top floor of the building where she finds serenity ( 寧靜) . Whenever(每當)she faces difficulties, she always prays to God for help. 

Last week Molly heard from her teacher about Midnight Mass (子夜彌撒). The teacher said whether or not Jesus was born at midnight, this popular Christmas custom(習俗)is a jubilant celebration(歡騰的慶祝)o f worship ( 敬拜) in honour of the Nativity of Jesus(基督誕生). Molly decided to join this mass in the nearest parish(堂區) from her home this year. 

When Molly informed her mother of the idea, her mother was very upset. Molly had never asked to be out so late ever before. She was worried and confused(困惑)about her daughter ’s request(要求). No matter how hard Molly tried to explain her motive(動機), her mother kept refusing(拒絕). She believed it would be dangerous for a girl to be on the streets at that hour. They ended up not speaking to each other for the whole night. Molly went to her room and prayed to God about the situation. 

What would you do if you were Molly 

  • If my mom’s concern was not safe enough, I’d call along a few other classmates who live nearby in our neighbourhood. To add to the fun, I’d invite them over to my place for a sleepover(在朋友家過夜的晚會). That way she would not have to worry or find another excuse of not letting me out. 
  • Jesus wants us to love everyone. If my mom could not agree with me attending Midnight Mass, I would go to the mass on the next morning to worship God. Jesus would not think I love Him less if I obeyed my mother’s wishes. I’d listen to my mother not because her thinking made more sense, but out of respect and love, I’d avoid any argument(爭執). 


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