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How would you react if you were May?

刊登日期: 2017.12.16
作者: Auntie Isa  

May had this usual practice of roaming(閒逛)in the department store adjoining(毗鄰的)her school. She seldom(幾乎從不) spent any money there, purely(純粹)window shopping(瀏覽商店櫥窗)was already an entertaining amusement for her. It was just two weeks before Christmas and May spotted a gorgeous(非常漂亮的)bangle(手鐲), she fell in love with the glittery(閃爍的) semi-precious stones(半寶石) embedded(嵌入)on the smooth bronze(銅). She decided to ask her mother if she could have that as her Christmas present, mentioning the price upfront(預先). Her mother concurred(同意)to the suggestion at once. May jumped for joy. 

May enthusiastically(熱切地) waited till Boxing Day1226日拆禮物的日子). That early morning before everyone else woke up, she opened her gluey(膠著的)eyes and instantly(立即)ran at full speed f rom her room t o the Christmas tree, located(找出)her little present among her siblings’ (兄弟姊妹的). It was enveloped in glossy(亮光)wrapping(包裝紙)swathed(綁)with a long pink ribbon. She just couldn’t wait any longer and tore the wrapping apart. To her deepest disappointment (失望), it was not what she had a n t i c i p a t e d( 期望) . Te a r s swelled up(湧起)in her eyes… 

How would you react if you were May? 

Have my mother explicate(解釋)what went wrong, condemn(譴責)her until she promises (許諾)a definite(明確的)date to get me what she has promised me. 


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