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What would you do if you were Joseph?

刊登日期: 2017.11.18
作者: Auntie Isa  

Though it is still more than a month away(距離)from Christmas, Joseph’s family has been discussing how to spend the long holiday. One good thing Joseph likes about his school is that the term examination only takes place quite some time after the Christmas holiday, so he can enjoy himself to the utmost(極限). 

Joseph’s parents suggested taking a trip out of Hong Kong. They keep stressing(強調)that it is already quite late and they must secure(安排好)air tickets immediately. This should be something delightful(喜悅的)but it turns out just the opposite. Joseph has a love for Japanese anime(日本動畫). He wants to go to Japan for the Comiket, which is also known as (被稱為)the Comic Market. This is a super big 3-day event in December and it attracts over 600,000 people. His twin sister is more a fan(粉絲)of Korean drama series (連續劇)and a groupie(追星族), so she wants to visit Korea and see the places where the movies are filmed(拍攝). 

There is no way the two children can compromise(妥協). Mom and Dad are getting impatient(不耐煩)and frustrated(洩氣). 

What would you do if you were Joseph? 

  • I would make myself heard by showing my family members how fun it will be to be at the Comic Market. It is so popular that everyone should see it with his own eyes. This is a way of expanding one’s horizon(擴闊視野), as we are taught at school all the time. Japan i s famous for dining , shopping and there are also a lot of historical spots. No one can get bored in Japan. 
  • I’d state my preference clearly but would also enquire about(諮詢) my parents’ budget and if they might have particular destination(s) in mind(心目中). I’d learn to respect ( 尊重) different perspectives(觀點)and also learn to give in(讓步). 

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