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What would you do if you were John ?

刊登日期: 2017.11.11
作者: Auntie Isa  

John saw his classmate Francis cheating(出貓)during dictation this morning. They were required to write out a Chinese poem(詩)f rom memory and Francis was copying from his thigh(大腿)from time to time. John was shocked(震驚)but did not tell anyone. Though Francis is not a close friend of his, John did not want to disclose(披露)the matter to the teacher. He believes that if Francis was caught red-handed(當場被發現), it might be too embarrassing for Francis on one hand(一方面), and it might hurt the relationship on the other hand(另一方面). He wanted to alert(提醒) Francis not to do so again, but he did not know how to do it in the most tactful(婉轉)way. John heard from other classmates that Francis’ grandpa is hospitalized (入住醫院)and he has to prepare his grandpa’s meals on behalf(替)of his parents who are working night shifts (夜班). John was sympathetic (同情)for Francis’ situation. 

What would you do if you were John ? 

  • I would write to the teacher anonymously (不具名)and let the teacher take action (採取行動). The teacher would probably know about Francis’ situation too. Everyone should play the game fairly. Everyone is responsible for his own studies and should spend time to do revision(溫習). 
  • I would tell Francis what I saw and ask if there is any sound(合理)reason for his cheating. I will let him express(表達)his difficulty first. I’d suggest him to share his difficulty with the teacher and beg the teacher to grant(給予) him a chance to re-do the dictation. That way, his fault(過錯)will be erased(抹去). The teacher might appreciate(欣賞)his honesty(誠實). If he refuses(拒絕)to do so, I still would not tell about his cheating, but alert Francis that a chance would be given only once, there will be no next time and I would surely tell the teacher if I find him cheating again. 


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