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What would you do if you were Jonathan?

刊登日期: 2017.11.04
作者: Auntie Isa  

One of the janitors(清潔工人)at school has kept some dogs. It has always been a great joy for both staff and students to play with those dogs since they are very tame(溫順), they never bite nor growl(低聲吼叫). Lately(最近), there was a new litter(一窩) of puppies. The janitor wants to give them all away as the school campus is not big enough to accommodate(容納)any more dogs. Jonathan is desperate(極渴望)to adopt(領養)one. He knows Mom will say yes while (而)Dad will say no. Mom is always more easy-going(隨和), but Dad is a man of discipline(講究紀律)and always complains about his son having too many things in the little flat in which they reside(居住). How can Jonathan prepare himself to convince(說服) Dad to let him take a puppy back? If the answer is a solid no(絕對不能), will that be the end of the world? 

What would you do if you were Jonathan? 

  • I could fake(假裝) throwing a temper(發脾氣)to show my parents how much I want to have a puppy. I could do so by ignoring(不理會)my schoolwork and household chores (家務). This way, very soon my parents will give in(投降)without having to discuss much with them. Not performing(表現良好)at school usually gets me what I demand(要求). 
  • I could prepare a list for my dad of how I would take care of the puppy, and all the space and necessities(必需品)needed. This will show him that I have thought thoroughly(透徹地) before asking for a pet to be kept. If he still says no, I will try to convince parents of my schoolmates living nearby so that I can always hop over to visit the puppy. As long as the puppy is within my reach, I can see him grow and befriend(交朋友)it. 

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