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What would you do if you were Benson?

刊登日期: 2017.10.28
作者: Auntie Isa  

“This is so very yummy!” exclaimed(興奮呼喊) Benson. Grandma lives in a faraway province 

(省縣)and is visiting the family. She will stay for a month and a hal f . Benson came home afterschool one day and found a plate of crepes (薄烤餅)with desiccated coconut(椰絲)and crushed(壓)peanut bits(花生碎). He took a small bite as he had no idea what it was. Immediately he fell in love with that exotic(異常迷人)taste and texture(口感)—— crunchy(鬆脆) on the side and soft in the middle. Grandma was more than satisfied(非常滿足)to see the look on her grandson’s face. From that day onwards(之後), she would prepare the same dish and eagerly (興奮地)wait for Benson to return home from school. No matter how tasty a dish could be, one would surely get bored(厭倦)with it. Benson was starting to have a phobia(恐懼症)of taking (吃)crepes, but he definitely did not want to disappoint(使失望)his grandma. 

What would you do if you were Benson? 

I would stop eat ing the crepes. Hopefully my grandma would get the message(信息)without having to say a word , so as t o p revent embarrassment(尷尬). If she did not get the idea on the first day, letting the crepes sit there for another day or more, I am sure she would understand. In case she asked, I would just smile to avoid encountering(碰到)awkwardness (尷尬). 

I would ask my grandma if I could try other dishes from her hometown (家鄉), and let her know that I will give some feedback(意見)so that she would know what I like more. 

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