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I can do it by myself! 【Grace Tse】

刊登日期: 2012.02.05
作者: Grace Tse  


“I can do it by myself!” is our little boy’s pet phrase whenever he wants to do many things by himself. He loves to watch and copy what he sees “big people” doing. He wants to be like “big people” brushing teeth, using scissors and talking over the phone. When he finds such household chores as washing up plates a lot of fun, he will say excitedly, “Let me help you.” Then when his Dad is washing up, he lets him stand next to him on a stool and washes some plastic cups and spoons. In this way, we hope that he will get interested in household tasks which are important for his independence as he grows up. What housework do you help out with?

A recent survey in Hong Kong showed that over 80% of Primary 3 to 6 students and parents interviewed considered self-care skills “very unimportant” or “unimportant”. A lot of students have poor self-care ability in that they are unable to take public transport on their own in their residential areas, cook rice, tie shoelaces or cut fingernails. What are your views on the importance of self-care skills?

Perhaps a lot of us think that studying hard is more important than learning self-care skills. However, in reality, we all need basic life skills and self-care abilities. Otherwise, we will have low self-images and probably grow up to be unable to solve problems and overcome setbacks in the future. So, let’s be “big boys” and “big girls” who are good at self-care, not just school work!

Household chores: 家務
Self-care skills: 自理技能
Residential areas: 住宅區
Basic life skills: 基本生活技能
Self-images: 自我形象


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