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How would you react if you were Chloe?

刊登日期: 2017.10.21
作者: Auntie Isa  

Chloe joined the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (校際朗誦節)long ago when she was in P3, it was an invitation(邀請)from the English teacher. She remembers nothing much but just the fear(恐懼) she got while she was on stage. Consequently(結果、因此), she refuses to participate(參與)in the following years. Now in S3, she thought to herself one night in bed, “If I can step on the stage again without the teacher asking me, I have already won over my fear. I am to compete with myself and not other people.” 

In September, the first week after school resumed(覆課、繼續), Chloe bravely asked for an entry form(參加表格)and now she is in. Many weeks passed, nothing happens. Chloe waits and waits for someone to train her up. Now she is worrying that she will be performing badly on stage once again. The competition will commence (開始)in mid-November. Has the teacher forgotten about this matter? What are the other contestants(參賽者)doing now ? Chloe wonders(疑惑). 

How would you react if you were Chloe? 

Since I only want to win over my own fear, I do not need to be perfect. I will memorize(背熟)the poem by heart and just say it out on stage. After all(畢竟), I do not have to pay to join the Speech Festival, the school paid for me, what do I have to worry about? If the teacher does not proactively(主動)do something, the blame(過錯)is not on me. 

I can prepare my poem by first comprehending(理解)the context(內容), finding the meaning for each vocabulary(生字、詞彙), then try to present(演繹)it in my own way and ask the teacher to give me some comments. If she has no time for me, I can ask someone who is more experienced(經驗) in this competition to give some advice. 


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