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How would you react if you were Maize?

刊登日期: 2017.10.14
作者: Auntie Isa  

It has been almost two weeks since the Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated. There are still patches(一斑斑)of melted wax (滴蠟)here and there(四處)on the floor of the balcony(露台). Obviously all these are remains(剩餘物)from the lantern gathering(花燈聚會)which Maize hosted(安排). She begged her mom to let her invite her classmates to come over and agreed to clean up. She actually did keep her promise(承諾). She knows all the dirt is made by her younger brother Jim. Though this brother of hers is only studying in kindergarten, he is quite tricky(古惑)sometimes. Mom never lets Jim play with lit(點燃的) candles, she does not believe it has anything to do with Jim, instead she puts all the blame(責備)on Maize. Maize hates to be wronged(冤枉). 

How would you react if you were Maize? 

I will only clean up the mess(殘局)if Mom nicely asks me to help Jim and believes that I am innocent(清白); otherwise if I do clean it up without explaining, Mom will think that I have procrastinated(拖延)what I should have done earlier. The blame will be on me forever. 

If Mom keeps blaming me and I cannot prove(證明)myself innocent, I’d nicely ask Jim to give me a hand to clean the mess up. Otherwise, I’d never have a chance to host(舉辦)another gathering of any kind with my friends again. Jesus will understand my hurt feelings(被傷害的感覺)as He has been severely(極度)wronged too. 

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