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What would you do if you were Mimi?

刊登日期: 2017.10.07
作者: Auntie Isa  

Mimi has to face the problem of having acnes (粉刺)all over her face, just like many of her classmates. This is such a headache to her. Actually many boys and girls have to go through sensitive(敏感) skin when they are teens. Her mother noticed that Mimi is getting quieter and more shy lately(最近). She suspected(懷疑) that it must be the pimple(暗瘡)issue, so she took Mimi to see a dermatologist(皮膚醫生). The professional advice was nothing special(並無特別)but she has to have more fresh vegetables and fruits, and keep her face clean all the time. Well, not much Mimi can do to put a stop to her problematic skin. 

Mimi’s brother is in Primary 1, an age that birthday parties count a lot. His party is upcoming(即將來臨)in two weeks’ time. His brother wants to invite his friends to a BBQ outing and Mom is organizing this with other moms. Oh dear, a barbeque is the last thing that Mimi wants to hear. 

What would you do if you were Mimi? 

I do not have to participate in a gathering with a group of parents and P.1 kids. I just do not belong(入羣). Yes, it is good to have the whole family together on my younger brother’s birthday, but sitting in front of the pit (燒烤爐)makes my face all oily and will worsen(惡化) the situation. If I sit far away and bring my own food, I look like a passer-by(路人). 

I will try to dissuade(勸阻)the idea of BBQ with a couple of reasons. First, weather-wise, it may still be hot then, or the humidity(濕度)may be very low, there may be a risk of mountain fire. Secondly, kids cannot run around playing games with greasy hands and that may lessen(減少)the fun. Thirdly, a picnic can promote healthy eating to kids and is much easier to prepare and clean up. My hidden agenda(別有用心的動機)is to stay away from anything grilled(烤). 

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