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What would you react if you were Toby?

刊登日期: 2017.09.30
作者: Auntie Isa  

Every Sunday Toby gets to meet up with his grandparents together with his mom and dad after Mass. They usually go for lunch at a different place each time. Toby enjoys this family gathering. He likes food and appreciates the atmosphere. Everyone casually(隨意)tells a little about what has taken place(發生)during the week, the others feedback a bit to keep the conversation(對話)going. 

Today is Sunday again, also, it’s National Day(國慶日), which means there will be another holiday tomorrow. There is absolutely no rush and Toby’s family can spend more time to have a very relaxing lunch. When the piles and piles of bamboo steamers(蒸籠)arrived at the table, all started to take big gulps(一大口) of food hungrily. After a round of dim sum, they slowed down and started chatting and eating at the same time. Toby’s grandparents kicked off(開始)with the latest political(政治) climate and issues(事件), condemning (譴責)one of the political parties which Toby’s parents strongly support. Apparently(當然)Toby’s parents defended(辯護)the accusations (指控)and reiterated(重申)the stance(立場)of that par ty. So happens there will be a procession (遊行) by that same party in the afternoon, Toby’s parents wanted to bring Toby along to show support. Of course, this idea irritated(惱怒)the old folks a lot. A happy gathering turned into a heated(激烈的) debate. In one hour’s time, the procession will start. All four adults are waiting for Toby’s decision as to join the walk or not. 

What would you react if you were Toby? 

  • I am at such a young age, politics is not for me. I will keep my ears shut and pay no attention. Of course, I will not join the procession as there are much better things to do for a teenager. 
  • I should respect different thinking from different people, try my best to understand controversial (爭議)viewpoints though I may not fully catch (理解)them. I should be aware of whatever is happening in the place I live in. I should not limit myself to purely listening to people near me, I should also search for more information from different sources, then draw(作出)my opinion (看法). When I get older, I may have another viewpoint, and nothing is binding(具約束性), I can think differently at different life stages. There is no need to be afraid to take a wrong stance. 

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