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What would you do if you were Barbara?

刊登日期: 2017.09.23
作者: Auntie Isa  

Barbara, an adolescent(青少年) like all others, cares a lot about her looks and how people think about her. Starting June, she has difficulty copying notes from the blackboard and the projector screen(投影機屏幕) in the classroom. She thought it was close to the end of the school term, so did not tell anyone about the blur(模糊). She just asked the class teacher to sit her in the middle front with the excuse(理由)that she could better focus( 集中)as the examination was drawing near(臨近). Anyhow, her mother took her to the optometrist(視光師)for an annual(一年一次)eye checkup over the summer vacation. It was found out that she developed 150 degrees of myopia, which means she is nearsighted, spectacles were recommended. This was the last thing she ever wanted to hear! 

From that day onwards, Barbara roamed(溜達)in and out of the spectacles shop hoping to find a pair of nice looking eye glasses, but she was too timid to ask the shop assistants(售貨員). Finally, her mom went shopping with her a few times, but every time Barbara complained that she looked odd with glasses on. She preferred to wear contact lens(隱形眼鏡)but her mom insisted that she could only do so by the age of 18, because misuse(錯用)of contact lens may hurt the cornea(角膜). 

What would you do if you were Barbara? 

If I do not feel comfortable with my own look, I will be a ver y insecure(缺乏信心的)person, my self-esteem(自尊)will also go low. I will insist(堅持)to go with contact lens. I will promise my mother if those lens really hurt my eyes, I will then(然後才)try regular glasses with frames. 

Everyone takes some time to adjust to wearing spectacles, I will look different and perhaps may feel uncomfortable, but I will put them on before my degrees get higher. I will not choose any expensive brands(品牌), rather I will go for most lowly priced ones, so I can get more than one pair, perhaps two to three pairs, so I will have a fresh look all the time. 

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