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What would you do if you were Terence?

刊登日期: 2017.09.16
作者: Auntie Isa  

School has resumed(復課)for almost two weeks now, but many students are still in their holiday mood(心情). Is that the same with you? 

Terence had a wonderful summer vacation. He helped out in a few NGOs(非牟利機構 non-governmental organizations), winning a lot of praises from people around. His parents also took him on a short trip. The family did not go anywhere far but Cheung Chau(長洲), where his uncle has an empty flat(單位). To Terence, taking it relaxingly(輕鬆地) doing nothing was the best thing to do once in a while(偶爾). 

He is now a F1 student, life is so much different from primary school. Instead of just Chinese, English, Mathematics and General Studies, there are so many more subjects now. Yet Terence’s mode(狀態)is still set going slow. It is tough(不容易)for him to wake up early each morning. He never likes Math, and during Math lesson, he feels so tired that he has been dosing off(打瞌睡)most of the time. There are some Math worksheets daily, Terence has great difficulty doing his homework. His buddy Paul lets him copy his work. He believes this is a good way of helping out a friend. So by arriving school fifteen minutes earlier to quickly copy down the answers, Terence can submit(提交)his assignment(作業)without having to work on the exercises at all. 

What would you do if you were Terence? 

  • If I really dislike(厭惡)Math and someone can help me to finish my homework, I’d be grateful(感激的). Without the help, I’d have to spend hours and hours on it. In case my friend needs help in other areas(方面), I will surely let him copy my work so it will be a smart way of sharing the workload(工作量). Time saved can be spent on reading, playing or preparing other subjects that I enjoy. 
  • I believe the Math teacher knows that I am falling asleep in his class, just that he is not saying a word so far(至今). I have to be brave to face him and tell him I cannot follow what is being taught, therefore unintentionally(非故意地)doze off. The more I fall behind, the sooner I have to shout for help. There will be Mathematics every year till graduation, no way I can escape from it. 

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