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What would you do if you were Daisy?

刊登日期: 2017.06.24
作者: Auntie Isa  

The final examination is finally over. Daisy is reading the last issue(期)of “Joyful Youth喜樂少年” for this school term in the library. She loves reading this special section(部份)in Kung Kau Po as there are so many interesting articles in both Chinese and English. For the latter(後者), sometimes she has p roblems understanding all the material, but she forces(強迫) herself to read on slowly and to just guess the meaning. As time passes by, she finds her comprehension(理解)skill improving bit by bit. 

Just before recess, her class teacher asked everyone to partake(參與)in at least one event this summer in which one never dares(敢)to try before, best to be more. Daisy is a shy(害羞)and timid(膽怯) girl. She finds it very hard to try something new. She thinks and thinks what activity can help her get out of her comfort zone(舒適區). The thought of writing to a newspaper may be something of her interest. Her teachers and classmates may have a chance to read it too. Suddenly she frowns (皺眉), she has no idea how to start. She is scared. 

What would you do if you were Daisy?

  • Actually the teacher will probably(大概)not have a chance to check on what new activities I have taken in the summer, so I will not spend my time thinking about widening my horizon. After all, a vacation is for one to relax and enjoy. 
  • I will take the advice of my teacher to be courageous(勇敢)and do something that makes me nervous yet(而)excited. I have the whole summer to write about just anything, I can re-write the article again and again until I am very happy(滿意)with it. I can just email it to:editorjy@kkp.org.hk. Whether my writing will be posted or not is not important, at least, I will be doing something new for the first time. 

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