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How would you react if you were Candy?

刊登日期: 2017.06.17
作者: Auntie Isa  

Candy has a great relationship with her father. For a surprise on Father’s Day, she saved up for a good long time to select an ideal present for her beloved dad. It was indeed(確實)a headache to find something perfect. At last, she came up with the idea of getting him a pair of jeans(牛仔褲). It was the male version(版本)of the exact same design her parents bought her as a birthday gift. It was quite expensive, not for the material(料)but rather the brand(品牌). In her mind, to be wearing the same clothing(衣著)would be a symbol(象徵)of the father-daughter-relationship. She was even considerate enough to enclose(隨件附上)the receipt(收據)for the ease of swapping(交換)sizes. Yet to her rage(盛怒), her father returned the item for cash. He tried to explain to Candy that he never wore jeans and people of his age should not be in jeans. Moreover, he wanted Candy to keep her money which took her so long to save up. 

How would you react if you were Candy?

  • Convince Dad that money is not the most important element in my life, we should go get back the jeans together and wear the same design. Everyone wears jeans nowadays regardless(不管)of age, he should catch up with fashion. I have my strong grounds (理由)and I know he loves me a lot, I am sure he will give in (讓步). 
  • Explain to Dad my good intention behind the thought of buying him something that he never wears. If he cannot accept the idea, I’d let him choose something of similar amount and not be upset. Probably he’d pick something less expensive, then I’d give the rest of the money to him in a Lai See jacket(利是封). It does not matter if he saves it up for me or uses it, it is just my wish to spend that amount on a Father’s Day present. 

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