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What would you do if you were in this difficult situation ?

刊登日期: 2017.06.10
作者: Auntie Isa  

Scott is the only child in the family. Since young, he has been the focus(焦點)of not just his parents, but also his four grandparents, with two residing(居住)in the same flat. On one hand, Scott feels the love and care in every aspect of his life. There is always advice for him when he encounters(碰到)difficulties. Yet on the other hand, he feels he is being over cared at the age of 15. 

Scott learnt(得知)about this summer camp organized by the church of his parish(教會堂區). He wanted to join so much but he also sensed the tension his family might have. After praying for a few nights, he bravely spoke to them. Not to his surprise, Mom and Dad were a bit disturbed(困擾)about the idea of joining a 3-day camp. Scott rationally asked what were the problems his parents anticipated(預測), they had no answer. Finally, Scott achieved his first victory, the green light was obtained from his parents. When his parents broke the news(告訴新消息) to his two grandparents who live together, it took them no time(立刻)t o disagree. 

What would you do if you were in this difficult situation ? 

  • I can always join a summer camp in the coming years. To be an obedient grandchild, I should not upset my grandparents and let them worry about me for three whole days. I would give up the idea of knowing other kids in the parish through this camp. 
  • Making more friends in the parish will help me get more involved (投入)at church, I should try my best to win the trust of my worried grandparents. I could invite them to state(列出)their concerns(擔憂)with the organizer, those big brothers and big sisters will be able to share all the activities planned and the accident prevention actions taken. Pray and leave it to God. 

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