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If you were in this difficult situation, you would probably…

刊登日期: 2017.06.02
作者: Auntie Isa  

Father’s Day was approaching(臨近), Carol wanted to surprise Daddy with a gift. She shared the idea with her younger brother Carson. They were both thrilled about that and kept coming up with various thoughts. Each night they eagerly(興奮地)looked forward to their “meeting time”. The only period to talk privately without Mom or Dad noticing was the few minutes before going to bed. 

At first, they practically calculated what budget(費用預算)they could afford. Before long(不久), each of them came up with a list of ideas. The list got longer day by day because both Carol and Carson had new ideas every now and then. It was not easy to get to a conclusion. Carol preferred a little gift so it would be more tangible(有實體)and could last(持續). She believed whenever Dad looked at the present given. He would smile sweetly. Carson thought differently, he insisted(堅持)that a celebration should be a happy time with the whole family and with food, he suggested to have a scrumptious(美味的)meal at a restaurant. Of course they would not take care of the whole bill(埋單), but they would just pay for Dad’s share. 

They exchanged ideas nightly(每晚), from amiable(友善)discussion to hostile(敵意)debate, trying hard to convince the other party(對方)to compromise(妥協). Soon it was only one week before the big day; time was tight and they must arrive at a decision. 

If you were in this difficult situation, you would probably… 

  • Ask Dad to come in and state(說明)his preference since he knows what he wants best. 
  • Go both ways, buy a very inexpensive item for Dad and enjoy a low-priced tea set. Dad will surely not want to see his kids in fights. Whatever present or event is prepared, Dad will be satisfied. If there is no budget at all, even a self-drawn card serves the purpose. 

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